Forensic Science

Avid fans of “Bones” and “CSI” have reason to rejoice: your dreams of becoming a forensic scientist can come true! You can study to work in this exciting and rewarding field, which has been romanticized in mystery novels and in movies and television. Forensic scientists use a combination of science, math, chemistry, and problem solving to help solve criminal or civil cases in the legal world. They work with police officers and analyze evidence found at a crime scene. Then they create reports detailing … Read More

Forensic Pathology

Forensic pathology is a challenging, detail-oriented career that combines the fields of medicine and science. A forensic pathologist is responsible for confirming the identity of a corpse and, at the request of a coroner or medical examiner, to perform an autopsy on a dead body. The career takes long years of intensive education and training. It is not for the unmotivated or less-driven. If you truly desire a great career that provides you with limitless opportunities and a fantastic salary, … Read More