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Software Developer

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A software developer (or software engineer) is one of the most important people in the creation of the electronic devices you use every day. They may be computers, phones, cameras, electronic books, and a host of other electronic devices, but most likely a day doesn’t go by without you using an electronic device running sophisticated software.

To understand the job of a software developer, you need to understand the difference between software and hardware. Hardware comprises all of the physical parts of electronics, the micro chips, the processors, the screen, etc. Software are the programs that load up on the device, these are usually what you interact with on the screen, the pictures on the screen, internet browsers, smartphone applications commonly referred to as apps, and any other program on these devices. In short, you buy these devices and hardware in order to use software.

Software Development Tools

As a software developer, you will use a variety of tools to create software. The first and most important is user input, you will take studies, surveys, and other forms of comments from clients and users to determine what they would like to do with their devices and that will serve as the inspiration for the software you create.

Careers in software development use a variety of programming languages such as C++, flash, and Java. To thrive in this career, you need the ability to code but senior developers typically outsource coding jobs to programmers. Mallory’s guide to IT careers helps explain the different roles well.

There are many different tools out there for you to use as a software developer. The tools are always changing and new computer trends emerging, but the greatest tool for a software developer is your problem solving skills and a creative approach to software development.

Software Developer Schools

The number of electronic devices that require complex software is continuing to grow, and so the need for talented software designers is growing. If you would like to become a software developer, a degree in computer science or software engineering will teach you the skills that you need to design new and exciting software.

The degrees are offered at most colleges and universities, and you can choose whether you would like to attend classes on campus or on online. Enroll today and start your new career as a software developer. Software Developers make between $60,000 and $140,000 a year.