Medical assistant

Medical Assistant

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If you have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with your life and your future, then here is a great idea for you: you could go back to school and earn your degree as a medical assistant.

You may be familiar with the term, but not know what a medical assistant is or what they do. This article will fill you in on all the details.

You will learn what a medical assistant is, what types of duties they perform, the education required to become a medical assistant, and the pay and job outlook as well. After reading this article, you will hopefully be equipped with much of what you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right career for you.

Medical Assistant Definition and Duties

A medical assistant is a health care provider who performs administrative and clinical tasks to support the work of a doctor and other healthcare professionals.

Medical assistants perform a wide variety of jobs for their bosses, such as the collection of specimens, bodily fluids and tissues for laboratory testing, measuring a patient’s vital signs and recording them, administering medications and injections, and the preparation and handling of medical instruments. Medical assistants also are able to dispose of contaminated materials, such as used needles.

Medical Assistant Education

There are a few different ways in which you can become a medical assistant.

  • You can complete a program through a vocational and technical school while you are in high school.
  • However, if you have already graduated from high school, you can take courses at a junior college or a community college. If you want to be done in a year, that is a possibility.
  • You can complete a post-secondary program, such as from a medical college, and earn a degree or a certificate. However, if you want to go for two years and earn your associate’s degree, that is also an option.

Courses to become a medical assistant will cover topics such as anatomy and physiology, and medical terminology. However, classes in keyboarding, transcription, record keeping, accounting and insurance processing are also usually required as well.

Students in the medical assistant program will also learn other vital skills, such as laboratory techniques, clinical and diagnostic procedures, pharmaceutical procedures, medication administration, and first aid. Programs at accredited schools will also include an internship in a healthcare facility or doctor’s office to help students gain experience which is necessary to be successful in their career.

Medical Assistant Salary

In 2008, there were 438,600 jobs available for medical assistants. The projected number of jobs is expected to skyrocket to 647,500 by 2018. This is an increase of 34 percent over 10 years. When you obtain a job as a medical assistant, you can expect to make between $25,240 and $29,720 a year as a salary.

If you have given a lot of thought to going back to school and becoming a medical assistant, hesitate no longer. All you have to do is choose a college or university you want to take courses from and contact them to get signed up. You will be taking the first step towards creating a better future for yourself and for all of the patients you will someday help.

If you choose to become a medical assistant, than you should consider taking the courses online. Online college courses not only allow the student to study in the peace and quiet of their own home but to study whenever they like at whatever pace they like. In most cases, online medical assistance degrees can be adjusted so that the student can either take longer to complete the class so that they may fit it into a busy life schedule with a full time job or family, or expedited so that it may be completed more quickly than usual.

Other benefits of studying for a degree as a medical assistant include the ability to slow down a class in order to absorb the information more, the ability to re-take a class if you do not feel that you learned enough from it and the ability to study whenever you like, day or night.

Students who study online can earn a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) credential in as little as 12 months. Most schools that provide online medical training will also provide Medical Assistance Degrees and Certifications.

Medical Assistance is a well-paid and competitive job option that is always in high demand. Earning your Medical Assistant Degree will not only ensure you a job but will ensure your future and career as well.