Graphic Design.

Graphic Design

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A good online degree in graphic design focuses on 2 things: producing quality graphic design work and meeting the creative demands of the industry. The best courses teach you the craft of design and also how to use that skill in the workforce.

Graphic Design Careers

A graphic designer creates the visual rendering of products and companies, including logos, branding, packaging, and websites. When browsing a magazine, the internet or the cereal aisle at the grocery store, every image and package in view has been created by a graphic designer. Graphic designers are excellent at working under pressure since they may receive projects with short deadlines.

Graphic designers create logos, company brands, layouts for magazines, and advertisements, to name a few. Common programs used among graphic designers to create their digital art include Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress.

Using a combination of words, images, and symbols, graphic designers assemble the visual image based on their clients wants and needs. Part of their day will be spent brainstorming and discussing ideas with clients and within a team to create the ideal artistic rendering.

Though graphic designers used to only have opportunities working for organizations that distributed print material, such as newspapers and magazines, job opportunities have expanded to include corporations, public relations firms, colleges, museums, print shops, and direct mail advertisers, among others. It is an essential aspect of digital literacy and communication.

Some graphic designers do freelance work in addition to a regular day job.