Computer forensics

Computer Forensics

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Do you enjoy spending time on the computer? Perhaps your computer skills are really good and you want to do something more with them than just use them for recreational purposes.

If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer, reading this article and thinking you need to do something more meaningful with your life, consider the following option: You could go back to school and earn a degree in computer forensics.

You may be wondering what computer forensics actually is, what you can do with a degree once you earn it, who you can work for and how much money you will make annually with a degree. In this article, you will find the answer to these questions.

Hopefully, you will be able to decide if going back to school to earn a degree and start a career in computer forensics is the appropriate decision for you. By doing so, you could enhance your future and take a step down a prosperous path in life.

What is a Computer Forensics Scientist?

First and foremost, computer forensics can be considered a digital science. A career in this field will examine information found on computers that can and will be used as evidence in a court of law.

While data recovery is very similar to computer forensics, computer forensics examines the information found on computers in a far more thorough manner. Additional guidelines and practices are also followed in the field of computer forensics.

Computer forensics have also been used in high profile cases, such as those involving child pornography, hacking, cyber-stalking, fraud, rape and even murder. Because even deleting information on a computer doesn’t actually wipe it out of the hard drive, everything that has ever been done on a computer remains stored.

It is a computer forensic scientist’s job to go back into the computer’s memory and hard drive to extract this information. It will then be analyzed and used as evidence in civil proceedings.

Education Requirements

A degree in computer forensics usually means that you earn your bachelor’s degree in IT Security, Internet Security, Information Systems Security, or Cyber Security with either a major or a minor in computer forensics.

Courses can be taken either through an online program or on a campus in a classroom setting. Colleges or universities with large computing faculties may give you greater scope to choose relevant subjects.

Upon earning your degree, most states also require that anyone holding their computer forensics degree also hold a Private Investigator(PI) license. After earning a degree in computer forensics and your PI license, you are qualified to work for a lot of prestigious firms. You could even work for the Department of Homeland Security or other government agencies.

Salary Information

If you are wondering approximately how much money you would make per year once you earned a degree in computer forensics, Purdue University’s Professor Marcus K. Rogers states that entry level salaries for graduates of a computer forensics program range from $85,000 to $100,000 per year. With more experience, your pay can significantly be more than was estimated.

If you love working with computers and want to help put an end to all the horrible things that people do with them, such as committing fraud, identity theft, child pornography, and even cyber-stalking or bullying, consider going back to school and earning your degree in computer forensics. It’s a rewarding field with endless opportunities.