Software Developer

A software developer (or software engineer) is one of the most important people in the creation of the electronic devices you use every day. They may be computers, phones, cameras, electronic books, and a host of other electronic devices, but most likely a day doesn’t go by without you using an electronic device running sophisticated software. To understand the job of a software developer, you need to understand the difference between software and hardware. Hardware comprises all of the physical … Read More

Graphic Design

A good online degree in graphic design focuses on 2 things: producing quality graphic design work and meeting the creative demands of the industry. The best courses teach you the craft of design and also how to use that skill in the workforce. Graphic Design Careers A graphic designer creates the visual rendering of products and companies, including logos, branding, packaging, and websites. When browsing a magazine, the internet or the cereal aisle at the grocery store, every image and package in view has … Read More

Database Administrator

Every organization needs the ability to organize information efficiently and retrieve it rapidly. Whether it be employee records, financial records, product information, or any other type of information, knowledge is power and lack of knowledge will quickly lead to disaster in our information age. Larger companies have two job positions that deal with this problem. The first is the network administrator. This person is responsible for designing and maintaining the organizations computer network effectively and efficiently. If the network does not operate at peak … Read More

Computer Forensics

Do you enjoy spending time on the computer? Perhaps your computer skills are really good and you want to do something more with them than just use them for recreational purposes. If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer, reading this article and thinking you need to do something more meaningful with your life, consider the following option; You could go back to school and earn a degree in computer forensics. You may be wondering what computer forensics actually … Read More