Forensic Psychology

Do you have a passion for the workings of the human mind and an interest in the criminal justice system? Forensic psychology is an interesting career that combines both the criminal justice and psychology fields. Working in this industry can be extremely rewarding because it allows you to help make individual’s lives better as well as contributes to improving and protecting communities. However, it can also be extremely demanding. If you think you’re up to the challenge of deciphering the minds of … Read More

Criminal Justice

Have you ever considered a career working in criminal justice? If you have, you likely have wondered what type of work experience, education, and personality traits this career requires. If you choose a career in this field, you will learn about crimes and the people who commit them. Criminal Justice Careers There is a major emphasis in law enforcement on modern scientific methods to find, gather evidence, and ultimately arrest criminals. Beyond science, other areas that you will study include social sciences … Read More